PMT ECOlution South

Good value for money can be of premium-quality!

The quality campaign against cheap flat roof systems



Attack Angle

10° and 15°

Roof Covering

Foil, bitumen, gravel, greening, sheet, concrete, open spaces


10 years guarantee, 10 years insurance


Few Component Parts

Only 5 component parts per system

Roof Fastening

Layer without roof penetration


Optimum ventilation for maximum energy output

PV Module Suitability

All usual PV module sizes with a width of 980-1020 mm,  a length of 1630-1680 mm and a height of 30-50 mm (special sizes are available upon request)

High-tech protection mat

A 11 mm thick sandwich structure for maximum protection against plasticizer migration and roof membrane damage is already pre-assembled to the system

Minimum Ballasting

Ballast reduction through aerodynamic optimized construction and implementation of the latest research results from system and ballasting software

Load Distribution

Optimum load distribution and load application through a basic construction on the roof membrane featuring supporting areas with a width of 150 mm


Exclusively premium-quality aluminium EN-AW-6063-T3 and high-grade steel A2-70

Lightweight System

Low area load of only 3.0 kg/m2 (10°) and 3.25 kg/m2 (15°)

(Arrangement: see data sheet)

Logistics Optimization

Dispatch-optimized construction of all component parts. Short component part lengths ensure an easy and safe use of component parts during system installation (2040 kWp/40-tonner)


Tested in boundary layer wind tunnel by the independent Institut for Industrial Aerodynamics according to German and US standards (ASCE 7-05, ASCE 7-10 and SEAOC PV 2-2012-compliant)

Roof Irregularities

An adjustment to roof irregularities is given despite a load-transferring integrated network of short tracks

Simply the best


Fastest and simplest assembly owing to the Fast Installation Technology of PMT

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Maximale Wirtschaftlichkeit


Maximum operating efficiency through maximum quality

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Data sheet
PMT ECOlution South 10°/15°


Assembly Instructions
PMT ECOlution South 10°/15°


PMT Mounting Systems 0°-30°