PMT Plan Software

The good feeling of a perfectly planned photovoltaic solution – this is our daily standard.

Our PMT PLAN software provides you with a “full-service solution”. The comprehensive tool allows simple and uncomplicated planning of your PV system. PMT PLAN is based on the latest scientific findings combined with our concentrated experience from years of extensive product testing.

PMT PLAN is a web-based planning tool. This means there is no need for a powerful CAD computer or permanent updates. It doesn´t matter which device you are using to access PMT PLAN – the browser of your choice is all you need.

Thanks to the additional cloud option your data is available – everywhere and every time. Thus projects can be jointly elaborated by a team together simultaneously. For instance projects could be launched by a sales rep and finalized by the back office. Furthermore holidays or sick leave can be handled easily by another work mate.

Just contact us – we will find the perfect solution for your requirements!

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