National Technical Approval

PMT has made a name for itself in the market going ahead in innovation and has gained as one of the first companies the national technical approval Z-14.4-790 from the German Institute for Structural Engineering for its aerodynamic flat roof system “PMT Evolution”.

Using all compromising testing procedures like duplexing and long-term testing, as well as experimental component testing, we are working on a continuous development and optimization of all our products. This guarantees our high demand on quality and sets standards for all future enterprises who want to obtain the NTA.

Considering the stage of development, the testing procedures and the safety standards, PMT provides the best mounting systems in the entire market. This attitude to product and safety is emphasized by PMT by a 10 years insurance cover and warranty period.

The National Technical Approval guarantees total legal certainty for our product.
PMT turns safety into standard.

>> The intention of every photovoltaic system is maximum efficiency. This, however, only works if a safe PV system without damages is installed on the roof. Choosing a mounting system of PMT you decide in favour of quality, long-lasting and safety much more than usual in the market. <<

>> PMT's mounting system fully protects owners from legal
consequences in Germany like construction halt, demolition measures, troubles with insurance coverages or claims for damages and even penal consequences. <<


Damage roof cladding

Damage of the roofing cladding

Damages of the roofing cladding followed by penetrating water, caused by drill chips, heavy use of tools or cutting operations.

Insulation failure

Insulation failure

Destruction of the thermal insulation through already single overload, caused by to small contact surfaces of the mounting system on the roof cladding.

Surroundings damages

Surroundings damages

Damage or discontinuity of the object`s use compared with production loss due to penetrating water, ban of use by danger of building collapse and danger of collateral damages and injury to people.

Storm damages

Storm damages

Damage and destruction of the roof through faults during assembly of the mounting system, a lack of knowledge of the system and the resulting lack of the ballast requirements, frost damages in the system or unsecure positioning of the ballast.

Destruction roofing

Destruction of the roofing

Irreparable damage of the roof cladding, through mechanical overload, red algaes or frost damages, caused by too small contact surfaces and a lack of professional knowledge.

Destruction module

Destruction of the module

Massive damages like microcracks in the modules with considerable losses of efficiency in the transmission of load through the modules as a result.



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