PMT Products: cable duct cover

We have optimized our cable duct covers for our flat roof mounting system PMT EVO 2.0 to enable even safer and faster assembly.

The cable duct covers were previously installed in such a way that three components (two main floor profiles and one connecting floor profile) were covered. In practice, however, it has been shown that some cable duct covers had accidentally come loose.

With the new cable duct covers, these are now only clicked onto the connecting floor profile. The cover ends just before the main floor profiles, so that unevenness on the roof or even slight movements of the profile strand cannot cause the cover to loosen.

Product Details

The cable duct covers are available in four different lengths for PMT EVO 2.0 EW:

  • length 630 mm, Item No. 52215-2231, for ground floor rail l 52215-1595 0,92 euros; 0.072 KG/ item; 90 items in a box; 12 boxes on a pallet
  • length 430 mm, Item No. 52215-2230, for ground floor rail 52215-1378 0,72 euros; 0.049 KG/ item; 90 items in a box; 16 boxes on a pallet
  • length 330 mm, Item No. 52215-2229, for ground floor rail 52215-1377 0,61 euros; 0.038 KG/item; 90 items in a box; 24 boxes on a pallet
  • length 190 mm, Item No. 52215-2228, for ground floor rail 52215-1434 0,52 euros; 0.022 KG/item; 90 items in a box; 48 boxes on a pallet

For our south version PMT EVO 2.0 S the following cable duct covers apply:

  • length 800 mm, Item No. 52215-2602, for elevation rack depth of 1650 mm on the roof 1.06 euros; 0.091 KG / item; 90 items in a box; 8 boxes on a pallet
  • the items mentioned above can also be used for further elevation rack depth of the south system.

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