PV-plant for Alte Wollkämmerei realized with EVOlution

The Alte Wollkämmerei in Leipzig is regarded the oldest wool-carding shop in Germany. In the course of the industrialization mid of the 19th century, they produced woolen products here in a big way. At times, there were working up to 2000 employees.
We continue history a bit with our mounting system for flat roofs. The Alte Wollkämmerei, today a popular event location, produces with the help of our sub-construction EVOlution Ost-West 10° for PV-plants, clean and regenerative power. Here, our ridge joint EVO FV type 683, has been mounted as one of the first projects, which resulted in a significant reduction of the necessary ballast.

Outstanding characteristics:

  • Modules
    2176 Module á 285 Wp
  • Performance
    620,16 kWp
  • Location
    Leipzig, Germany