About us

Premium mounting Technologies GmbH & Co.KG is a young, innovative and continuously growing company, which acts very close to the market`s demands, due to more than 15 years of experience. We offer revolutionary mounting systems for flat- and pitched roofs with up to now unachieved performance in safety and quality. Our Carport products combine economics and cost-efficiency in an aesthetic way which is unbeatable in the market.

Without exceptions - all products are tested by means of wind tunnel, component testing and theoretical calculation. On top all products are tested in real life by selected installation services, critically inspected, optimized and further developed continuously. This guarantees our customers a high degree of innovation and safety, a maximum of practice suitability and the certainty to get market orientated and optimized solutions in times of continuously changing industry requirements. We are always driven by the standard for highest quality, highest possible reliability and a maximum of proximity to our customer and their projects.

We understand customer service as a higher level of personal and professional advice above the regular standard. Together we’ll work out the perfect solution, considering all internal, organizational and project specific parameters. Thanks to short decision-making, practically-orientated thinking and experts experience you get a significant plus for your project planning and realization!

As one of the first companies, PMT obtains the National Technical Approval for an aerodynamic flat roof mounting system.